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Three years ago, before she became Eva Elfie, the girl with the anime-figurine hourglass figure, signature platinum blonde hair, darker eye-brows and cautious-but-curious eyes was a journalism college student who waited tables, juggled office jobs lượt thích sales manager and HR rep and tried lớn break into broadcasting as an interviewer for local radio and TV stations in colder than thở cold Siberia.

Then she moved lớn Moscow — only marginally warmer, but crucially less provincial — lớn try modeling and soon started shooting amateur sex videos with a partner.

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I think that my life changed a lot since I started making videos. First of all, I have more không tính phí time lớn vì thế whatever I want. Also, I started really enjoying the work that I vì thế. If I didn’t vì thế this, I would still want lớn be a model.

Fast forward lớn the kết thúc of 2020. Eva Elfie is the biggest clip artist in the world — by a long, long shot if Pornhub numbers are used as the measure.

How big? Top Ten (at times even Top Five) big. Rarefied stratosphere of stardom only occupied by the likes of Lana Rhoades, Riley Reid, Abella Danger and Mia Malkova big. Ridiculous, almost unbelievable boffo numbers that, depending on the weekly and monthly fluctuations of the capricious Pornhub algorithm, often top those of industry established industry powerhouses lượt thích Adriana Chechik, Brandi Love and even the most decorated contemporary megastar, Angela White.

Here are some numbers for the stats inclined:

  • In late 2019, Eva clocked 546K subscribers and 197M Clip views.
  • As of this writing, a year later, she boasts 472M Clip views (and rising) and 1.2M subscribers (ditto), which put her at #4 on the overall Pornhub rankings.
  • Elfie’s 1.2M subscribers are matched by someone lượt thích international người yêu thích favorite Mia Malkova, a star in the mainstream porn industry since 2012. Malkova and Elfie have collaborated on nội dung this year.

A typical Eva Elfie Clip has very little lớn vì thế with the hyperglammed, tastefully titled studio superproductions that command the talents of her fellow Top Ten stars.

She and her producing partner — with whom she shoots her B/G nội dung, which she offers in addition lớn solo and all-girl — have racked up ~53M views for their most-viewed production, called “He keeps fucking creampied pussy of his step sis lớn cum again.”This is followed by ~31M views for “Fucking cuckold’s girlfriend lớn cum on her slutty face.”

Last year, one of their videos was the third most-watched Clip in all of Pornhub for 2019.

What is the Eva Elfie secret? How did a fresh-faced Siberian teen become the 2020 XBIZ Europas Female video clip Artist of the Year and the December 2020 Professional Model of the Month on Pornhub, as well as a face and a name with enough international appeal lớn inspire a fan-made YouTube biography in Hindi?

“I don’t know!” Elfie tells XBIZ via Zoom from her apartment in Moscow. “I think the main attraction was that u and my partner tried lớn film something unusual and creative and play with the ‘stepsister’ role, and then my appearance is unique.”

“I’m beautiful,” she says matter-of-factly, with evident lack of conceit, “but I’m different from other American actresses who are on Pornhub.”

Elfie — who chose her name because she had long been tormented as a kid about her elfin ears and decided lớn turn a liability into a (very bankable) asset — has a theory as lớn her undeniable appeal.

“I think that I look, literally, lượt thích a ‘girl next door,’ lượt thích someone’s classmate, or friend, or someone’s sister,” she explains. “So therefore I think they consider u not lượt thích a big star or something lượt thích that. They think I’m a common girl and that is why the ‘stepsister’ genre applies lớn u sánh well.”

Elfie speaks very good conversational English, but for the interview she marshaled the services of a friend lớn translate the more tricky exchanges. It’s charming lớn hear the last answer in a string of musical Russian surrounding the very recognizable “stepsister” in unmistakable English.

That word and its current algorithm-friendly porn connotation, does provide a key lớn the Eva Elfie success story.

“Step”-porn is a running joke among jaded porn industry professionals in America, contracted lớn churn out “fauxcest” titles week after week. But there’s nothing at all jaded about Elfie, in any way. In typical Russian style, she and her producing partner took apart “what the international porn watchers want,” identified all the workable parts (the nondescript youthful clothes, the basic role-playing, the generic music, the required expressions of surprise or enjoyment) and reassembled them into a crafty facsimile.

She’s not alone in this. Fellow Siberian clip artists lượt thích Sia Siberia and Purple Bitch work essentially within the same formula: turning Russian interiors into “all-American” dorm rooms with Rick and Morty dolls, anime t-shirts, Supreme logos and a “pizza guy gets lucky” scenario out of a second-tier U.S. studio.

The scenes are neither “American” nor “Russian,” although the presence of the occasional stuffed bear, or remnants of Soviet-era wallpaper sometimes threatens lớn glitch the simulation. They exist in an international twilight zone of cultural essence that all but guarantees its international appeal.

Like all Russian pop, and much of the nation’s high art, Eva Elfie’s videos are imitative. Like the Russian poets of the 19th century — who tried lớn out-Lord Byron Lord Byron — or the Hermitage palace — Versailles re-made and re-modeled — Elfie and her partner are, knowingly or not, following in the grand imperial tradition. They deconstruct the stepsister and pizza guy videos methodically, then reconstruct them with Russian flair.

“I speak English and sometimes I speak Russian,” Elfie explains with mechanical, but never cynical, precision. “But in Russia it’s better lớn speak in English lớn make these videos.”

“There are many girls from Russia,” she adds, “who lượt thích lớn film lượt thích we vì thế, and tend lớn hide this fact. They try lớn speak English for the international audience.”

And unlike the Southern California porn pros, Elfie won’t mock the “stepsister” routine that has catapulted her lớn the very top of the top tube site.

“The ‘stepsister’ genre is mostly about actors’ playing a role, and we shouldn’t treat it negatively or seriously. It’s mostly about the role-play, about something fun lớn play. It’s a game.”

“You shouldn’t laugh at it,” she warns.

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The seriousness in attitude is counterbalanced by the aura of authenticity — or maybe “authenticity” — that is at the core of her success and her brand. Her idea of a Clip tease is shot with smart-phone aesthetics, while she lazily sways in pigtails at the camera wearing an oversized Chicago Bulls shirt and a day-glo baseball cap.

Even her cosplay is made lớn look accessible — a Clip where she role-plays Elsa from “Frozen” uses a Halloween costume version of the outfit, cheap blonde wig and all. She’s not trying lớn play Elsa but the “influencer next door” trying lớn play Elsa as a sexual game.

She has cultivated an avid following by delivering updates consistently, with genuineness and high-quality polish grounded in an amateur vibe.

A người yêu thích of hers that spoke with XBIZ echoed this sentiment, sharing, “I lượt thích her because she’s very Instagram-chic,” he said. “It’s lượt thích watching the real sex life of a girl who could be promoting products on Instagram, lượt thích a yoga brand.”

What he likes, he explained, is that it’s “amateur” without being actually amateur. “It’s not some gonzo thing or a grimy hidden camera on a real couple. It’s more lượt thích an influencer or a YouTuber are authentic.” It is Eva Elfie — “The Girl Next Feed” rather than thở “The Girl Next Door,” if you will.

Her freshness, and almost nondescript quality, is kind of the point of her appeal. Like an IG model, she’s glam around the edges, gorgeous but not overtly striking. Like the archetypal influencer, she’s not really supposed lớn stand out from all the other successful influencers. It’s an approachability that feels lượt thích intimacy, in part because it’s well-produced lớn achieve that.

“She hits the sweet spot,” her người yêu thích shared. “Her exhibitionism is very charming. She’s outdoors, she’s at the beach, she passes tourists on the way back from doing something hot. You can see real people walking behind her.”

“It’s what you dream happens before and after the Instagram photo with the perfect mocha or the postcard sunset.”

Nonetheless, Elfie still doesn’t feel she has “made it.” Her success was experienced as a gradual, unstoppable rise. “At first we preferred lớn film more amateur nội dung, self-made nội dung,” she says, “but when we were contacted by studios lượt thích Brazzers and Reality Kings, we understood that it is a higher level of recognition and we were happy they were interested in us.”

Elfie, who loves traveling, has shot in Prague and hopes lớn shoot in the other major Eastern European production hub, Budapest. In 2019, she traveled lớn Los Angeles for the Pornhub Awards.

“I talked lớn many stars that film in the mainstream industry,” she says, a little starstruck. The highlight of her trip was meeting Riley Reid and touching her butt. L.A. agents expressed some interest in her before COVID stopped most international travel.

But self-produced clips continue being her focus. After all, why mess with a winning formula? And why share dividends when you can get millions and millions of views, and social truyền thông media followers, with a camera, a Moscow park, your own clothes and a stealthy public tryst with a trusted partner.

Just slap a hyper-literal, search-word-friendly title lượt thích “Walking with cum in panties after risky public sex” on it (an actual Eva Elfie production), and put it up on Pornhub for $12.99.“When we shoot, we always [have] some plan, a special attitude towards it,” Elfie explains with no affect, as if she was parsing a phối of compliance instructions in her old HR job back in Siberia. “It’s a phối day, we choose a location where we can film and can have all the time in the day lớn film a Clip. We have plots written and it’s a serious attitude.”

Elfie currently also manages her own OnlyFans, Snapchat, Patreon, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, plus her Pornhub channel.

“I had a good amount of followers already on Instagram and my TikTok was really good sánh I didn’t see being moved lớn the pornstar section of Pornhub affect u in any way, because I had the a strong following already.”

Elfie is referring lớn a recent change, when after being in the amateur section for a year, Pornhub reclassified big number non-porn-pro accounts — such as hers, and others lượt thích mysterious couple Leolulu and Mini Diva — among their “pornstars.”

“We really didn’t want lớn be in the star section, but a month ago we were included in it and we immediately went lớn the fourth place,” she says.

Not that this extra exposure bothers Elfie, because in Moscow, she does not live a double life and has embraced her fame.

“I don’t hide it,” she says. “All of my friends and my parents know that I am a porn star and I get recognized on the streets.”

She also has ditched even vestiges of a different persona.

“At first I played some character — I was pretending lớn be a young girl who likes Clip games,” she says. “But then I realize it was actually true — I vì thế love Clip games, sánh at the moment I’d say this is my authentic self.”

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Elfie saves her roleplaying for the scripted scenes she shoots and for her passion — RPGs lượt thích “The Witcher 3,” “Life Is Strange” and “The Last of Us,” which her porn career affords her the time lớn revel in.

“I think that my life changed a lot since I started making videos,” she says. “First of all, I have more không tính phí time lớn vì thế whatever I want. Also, I started really enjoying the work that I vì thế.”

“If I didn’t vì thế this, I would still want lớn be a model,” she adds.